Professor Sung-Jo Parki loengud 29. oktoobril

Centre for Asian and Emerging Market Studies and Doctoral School in Economics and Innovation at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Tartu invites you to attend a series of lectures by Professor Sung-Jo Park (Free University of Berlin). Please find detailed information below. All events are in English and are open to everyone.

Global competition for high level manpower: Evidences in tertiary and digital production

29th October 2013 at 12.15 in Narva road 4-A312, Oeconomicum


Samsung: Visionary leadership and R/D - GTM (global talent management) focusing on Central and Eastern Europe

29th October 2013 at 16.15 in Narva road 4-A312, Oeconomicum


Professor Sung-Jo Park (PhD) is ordinary full professor at Free University Berlin (1978-2003), since 2003 Emeritus; Founder and former Chairman of Euro-Asia Management Studies Association (EAMSA); Founder and former General Secretary of Global University Network (N.E.W.S.). Majoring in economics (Industry Economics, Labor Relations), Development Policy and Political Science at Seoul National University, Wuerzburg University, Free University Berlin and University of Paris; PhD at Free University Berlin (1963), Habilitation at Ruhr University of Bochum (1973); since 1978 Professor of Economics at East Asian Center, Free University Berlin. Visiting Scholar/Professor at Harvard University, Tokyo University, Alicante University, Seoul National University etc.; recent visiting professorship at Beijing Normal University, Nanjing Business School, China Three Gorges University, Nihon University, National University of Mongolia. BK Distinguished Professorship at Seoul National University, Chair Professorship at Ulsan University, Donga University and Sejong University. Formerly President at Megatrend University and Vice-President at Yanbian University of Science and Technology China. Publications (recent): co-ed. "Economic Cooperation and Integration in East Asia": "System Transformation: Comparative Perspective"; "Korea: North and South united, they fall (translation into Japanese and Chinese)"; " Co-Determination in Germany; ed. "Automotive Industry"; co-ed,"Strategies towards Globalization". Publication series with Mića Jovanović (LIT), "Global Cultural and Economic Research; formerly editor in chief of EAST ASIA, Campus Verlag Frankfurt/Colorado. Advisor of: VW, Mercedes Benz, Samsung Motors, Kia Motors, Toyota (Denso), Siemens VDO, Mann und Hummel, JAMA and KAMA, etc. Awards: KBS Humanities and Social Science Prize for Overseas Korean Scholars (2005); KACES Distinguished Professor Prize (2012); Distinguished professorship from the School of Economic Studies, National University of Mongolia.


Everyone is welcome!