Tiia Haldma


We have the exhibition ”GREEN TOGETHER” on our 2nd-floor atrium.

The exhibition showcases Danish green strongholds that respond to challenges faced by companies, cities and authorities across the globe. In particular, the exhibition focuses on Danish solutions within the context of the global challenges in energy field.

The solutions in sustainable energy production, wind energy, energy market, enhanced urban development with the help of district heating and the importance of battery-powered technology in ensuring a clean air.

The exhibition is created by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Danish not-for-profit public-private partnership State of Green. The exhibition is presented by the Embassy of Denmark in Estonia.

MTK vastlapäev

Shrove Tuesday at School of Economics and Business Administration

Tartu tudengipäevade maskott, kollane koer Villem koos Tartu Ülikooli maskoti Tiksuga tudengipäevade kevadfestivali pannkoogihommikul.

Autumn festival helps students settle in