Thesis Topic Fair 2023

Thesis Topic Fair on 14 September from 9 to 12 in Delta!

The aim of the fair is to spark your interest in the research topics of various chairs. Before coming to the fair, you can prepare yourselves and get acquainted with the possible topics, supervisors and their research fields. For this purpose, we uploaded introductory videos introducing the research areas together with the thesis topics proposed by the teaching staff. We recommend watching all the videos and coming to the talk with different supervisors on September 14.

On the day of the topic fair, all the potential thesis writers and their possible supervisors are invited to Delta. Students have the opportunity to meet the supervisors in their offices. Understandably, some lecturers may have previously planned assignments and are not able to attend the topic fair. In this case, you can contact them by email. Please use the opportunity to find a supervisor and agree on the thesis topic.

We look forward to your active participation!

Below you will find all topic fair videos and topics offered by supervisors. The topics mentioned may vary slightly from those presented in the video. You can also suggest topics that suit you. The details regarding the specific topic can be arranged directly with the supervisor.

Full list of Bachelor's theses topics for English taught programme can be found here.

Full list of Master Master's theses topics for English taught programmes can be found here.


Chair of Entrepreneurship

Chair of Management

Chair of Economic Modelling

Chair of Economic Theory

Chair of Finance and Accounting

Chair of International Business and Innovation

Chair of Public Economics and Policy

Chair of Marketing


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