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BFFI - ECGI Conference: Resilience of family businesses during turbulent times

Baltic Family Firm Institute - ECGI Conference: Resilience of family businesses during turbulent times


As part of the Family Capitalism pillar of the ECGI’s Responsible Capitalism initiative, the conference will focus on how family-owned enterprises can harness their long-term vision and values to achieve stronger resilience during current challenges caused by inflation, geopolitical risks, supply chain crisis, and financial constraints. Family businesses often demonstrate higher flexibility during crisis, securing jobs and supporting their local communities. The discussion will revolve around the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for the next generation of family business leaders, and practical guidance for family enterprises shaping the future.

The conference will also focus on family firm governance issues, as the governance of family businesses is more complicated than for non-family firms because of the complex family, business and ownership relationships.

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This is an in-person event. Some sessions will be recorded and published afterwards.
Note: It is intended to convene this meeting physically. However, in the event that it becomes unviable, it will take place online.



This event is part of the ECGI Responsible Capitalism Initiative. Learn more

  • Morten Bennedsen (University of Copenhagen, INSEAD and ECGI)

  • Janis Berzins (BI Norwegian Business School)

  • Valdone Darskuviene (ISM University of Management and Economics)

  • Krista Jaakson (University of Tartu)

  • Valerija Kozlova (RISEBA University of Applied Sciences)

  • Anete Pajuste (Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and ECGI)

  • Yupana Wiwattanakantang (National University of Singapore and ECGI)

  • Alminas Zaldokas (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

  • Morten Bennedsen, INSEAD and ECGI
  • Krista Jaakson, Tartu University
  • Anete Pajuste, Stockholm School of Economics (Riga) and ECGI
  • Yupana Wiwattanakantang, National University of Singapore and ECGI

Conference Fee (early bird, until April 30) EUR 150
Conference Fee (after April 30) EUR 200
Conference participation is free for BFFI and ECGI members
Conference Dinner EUR 60

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University of Tartu | Narva street 18, Tartu, Estonia

Note: Please see the official conference page for the most up-to-date information and speakers:!event-about

FRIDAY, JUNE 30 2023

10:30- 10:45 Introduction and Welcome
10:45- 11:00 Keynote: Family Assets as Foundation for Family Business Strategies
11:05- 11:20 Keynote: The Art of the Pivot: What Differentiates Resilient Families?
11:25- 11:40 Keynote: Family businesses in times of ‘polycrisis’: Some important challenges
12:00- 13:00 Panel discussion: “Family Enterprises Shaping the Future"

Academic track: Moderated by Valerija Kozlova
14:00- 14:40 Placeholder CEOs
14:40- 15:20 Family Firms in the Covid Crisis: Employment, Operational Leverage and Financial Constraints
15:20- 16:00 I Am The Firm! Eponymous Firms and Rose-Coloured Forecasts
16:15- 16:55 Entrepreneurs’ Diversification and Labor Income Risk
16:55- 17:15 General Discussion

Practitioner track
14:00- 15:00 Family dynamics of family businesses15:00- 16:00 Corporate and Family Governance - the two disciplines that carry family businesses across generations
16:15- 17:15 Balancing the Old with the New: Why Different Approaches to Innovation Matter
17:20- 17:40 General Discussion, Conclusion and Summing Up

18:30- 21:00 Conference Dinner

SATURDAY, JULY 01 2023 | 08:45 CEST

08:45- 09:30 Coffee break, networking

Practitioner Track Day 2
09:30- 10:30 Tailoring Corporate and Family Governance to fit the circumstances of a family business
10:30- 10:40 Hospitality Break
10:40- 11:40 Family Business Leadership
11:40- 11:50 Hospitality Break
11:50- 12:50 Good or Bad Seed? How to Prevent Bad Seeds from Taking Root in Your Family Business

Academic Track
09:30- 10:10 CEO Succession and Innovation in Family Firms
10:10- 10:50 Are Sophisticated Traders Better Informed When Trading Family Firms
10:50- 11:00 Hospitality Break
11:00- 11:40 The Covid-19 Pandemic and Family Business Performance: International Evidence
11:40- 12:20 Carbon Emissions and Firm Financial Performance: A Comparison Between European Family and Non-family Firms
12:20- 12:50 General Discussion

13:00- 14:00 Lunch Break

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