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Study as an external student at the School of Economics and Business Administration

Applications can be submitted until September 15th.

It provides a great opportunity to balance work, family life, and studies. As an external student at the University of Tartu, you can study based on a specific curriculum. While not officially a student, a external student is allowed to complete the curriculum, including taking exams and assessments (up to 30 ECTS per academic year), doing internships (except for Erasmus+ international internships), and defending a thesis or taking a final exam. The status of a external student is granted for one semester or one academic year at a time. In terms of academic affairs, external students have the rights and responsibilities similar to those of regular students.

Why pursue lifelong learning?

  • In a rapidly changing job market, it's crucial to keep your knowledge and skills up to date to enhance your competitiveness and open up new career opportunities.
  • Our curricula allow you to acquire modern and future-oriented knowledge in a specific field, helping you stay current with the latest developments in your area.
  • External students programme provides a great opportunity to balance work, family life, and studies because you can study at your own pace and on your own terms.
  • External students programme is fee-based, but if there are vacant spots during your studies, free slots are offered to you and other distance learners.


Who can become a external student?

According to the academic regulations, anyone interested can become a external student. Applicants must have the required educational background for the chosen curriculum and meet the admission requirements specified in the admission regulations (some master's programs may require prerequisite courses, and English-taught programs may require proof of English proficiency at the B2 level). External student can also complete unfinished university studies.


In the School of Economics and Business Administartion, you can start in the following fields:

External students sign an agreement and pay tuition fees based on the volume of study credits (ECTS) specified in the agreement or as a semester fee (if a semester fee is established).

For more information about distance learning, you can contact the academic coordinators:

For more information you can contact the academic coordinators:

  • Business Administration, Innovation and Technology Management, Mathematical Economics – Kristi Liivamägi,, +372 737 6317
  • Contemporary Asian and Middle Eastern Studies – Anneli Kütt,, +372 737 6318 
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