Andres Vaher

"Wharton Global Modular Course: Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship"

The Baltic nations offer a special opportunity for business students with an interest in digital innovation, economic transformation, and entrepreneurship. The Baltics have long been at the crossroads of commerce: the region was integral to several European trading networks, and were at times part of the Danish, Livonian, Holy Roman, Teutonic, German, Swedish and Russian empires (thus, the countryside is studded with old castles and other culturally enjoyable sites). The Soviet Union illegally annexed the Baltics 1939, but the countries regained independence in 1991 with the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and each has since joined both the European Union and NATO. Since independence, technology and innovation have blossomed.

This course examines digital innovation and commercialization, with a particular focus on how Latvia and Estonia have fostered cross-sector collaborations as a way to support technology innovation, entrepreneurship, and ultimately the creation of globally significant startups. We will also learn about how the nations became leaders in virtual citizenship and social services; how this differs from the United States; and the synergies that this creates for local business.

The Global Course starts with virtual lectures connecting the students and instructors in three countries. We will visit two nations in this course – Latvia and Estonia – which are among the most digitally advanced and entrepreneurial in the world.

Course participants will collaborate with peers at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, University of Tartu Delta Management School and the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga to work directly on projects with Baltic startups. Results of these projects will be presented to business and other leaders at the end of the course.

More info coming January 2023.

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