Andres Vaher

Business development programme STARTERtartu starts again

STARTERtartu is a programme where you can turn your ideas into reality. We offer the participants 5000€ worth of workshops and mentoring.

We will teach you how to generate ideas, how to recognize good ideas and what to do with an idea? Come to the Idea Hackathon to give yourself an opportunity to come out of your comfort zone and turn ideas into reality. 

The semester-long STARTER programme consists of workshops that guide teams from ideation to business model. Teams receive individual mentoring from start-up founders or entrepreneurs and regular performance evaluations from supervisors. The programme starts with the Idea Hackathon open to all students across disciplines. Individuals and teams with ideas across various sectors are welcome. Under the guidance of the moderator, teams are formed and instructions on initial validation are given. The programme ends with business and project ideas competition Kaleidoskoop that has cash prizes and access to start-up ecosystem services.

For students who feel like they do not have their idea they can still be a part of our programme because the idea owners also need a team to achieve great things. Our program begins with kick-off event Idea Hackathon 16.02 at 16.00. At the STARTERtartu Idea Hackathon we offer you inspiring speeches on different areas of life and the future. 


The agenda:

IDea käkk
OI academt

Successful Launch of the oiAcademy's Tartu Programme Ignition Workshop


Public lecture: From Monofunctional City to Vibrant Startup Ecosystem


Innovation and Technology Management Program Trains Future Business Leaders