Job market for quantitative economics students

Below is a short piece of information on some of our alumni and their jobs after graduation.

Our graduates work in diverse sectors, like various financial companies, consultancy firms and think tanks, multinational companies, and universities. Examples of employers include Google (Ireland), Taxify/Bolt (Estonia), Finnair (Finland, Estonia), think-tanks (PMCG in Georgia, Centar and Praxis in Estonia), universities (Tbilisi State University in Georgia, University of Tartu), banks (Swedbank, Bigbank, Luminor in Estonia), Fintechs (Wise, Fortumo).

As to the occupations and job tasks, many graduates are working as different kinds of data analysts. That is supported on the one hand by a strong emphasis on statistics, econometrics and data science courses during the master's studies, and on the other hand by the high demand for data scientists in the labour market.

Quite a high share of our graduates have taken PhD studies in Economics: currently approximately ten out of 70. They have pursued PhD studies at the University of Tartu (Estonia), CERGE-EI (Czech Republic), University of Regina (Canada) and University of Reading (United Kingdom). Some of the PhD students have already published their research, e.g. master thesis, in academic journals.

So far, the graduates have succeeded in the job market as all alumni are employed or studied. The longest job-search time has been, to our knowledge, six months. Still, several students found jobs already before graduation during the 2nd year of their studies.

Estonia has been so far the most preferred country of stay – approximately 80% of alumni have stayed in Estonia after graduation, even though so far, those coming from Estonia have constituted just ca 20% of the graduates. That may also reflect, to some extent, the international students' reasonably high satisfaction with Estonia's studies and living conditions; see, e.g., the results of a survey conducted in 2019.


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