Teadusseminar "Automation in an Open, Catching-Up Economy: Aggregate and Microeconometric Evidence" (Amaresh K. Tiwari)


Automation in an Open, Catching-Up Economy: Aggregate and Microeconometric Evidence

Using the universe of firms in Estonia, we study the implications of automation, which is mainly imports-led, for productivity and factor shares of tasks and value-added. First, the market share and the share in the aggregate total factor productivity (TFP) of the automation adopting firms, which constitute a small fraction of the total, are large and have grown over the years. Second, in contrast to the findings for the developed economies, aggregate labor share of value-added for the adopting firms is higher than that for the non-adopters, and has grown, among others, through reallocation of economic activities towards the adopting firms. Third, concurrently, average (unweighted and weighted) TFP of the adopters grew faster than that of the non-adopters. Fourth, at the micro-level, labor share of tasks has over the years declined among the adopting firms and is lowest in firms that automate frequently, where the frequency of automation conveys arich set of information regarding the adopters and their automation characteristics. Fifth, productivity impact of automation is heterogeneous: (a) firms automating regularly are more productive than those that automate occasionally and (b) firms that realize complementarities between automation and innovative managementpractices are more productive than those that only automate. The latter establishesthat the innovative management practises adopted by the adopters are thosethat help discover and facilitate complementarities between automation and human labor.

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Kolmapäeval, 28. septembril 2022 kell 11.00

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