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Teadusseminar "Human values and supervisory responsibilities: A comparative evidence from the Baltic Sea region" (Prof Mihails Hazans)

Kolmapäeval, 20. septembril 2023 kell 11.00-12.00 Zoomis

Autorid: Mihails Hazans  (University of Latvia), Jaan Masso, Per Botolf Maurseth, Tiiu Paas

Do employees with supervisory responsibilities differ from other workers in terms of human values, especially those potentially affecting the quality and efficiency of supervision? This paper applies data from rounds 7-9 of the European Social Survey to investigate the selection of employees into supervisory jobs in nine countries of the Baltic Sea region. The results suggest that in all countries considered, excluding Latvia, Openness to Change and Self-Enhancement are positively associated with the probability of holding a supervisory job, while Conservation (the set of values oriented at tradition, conformity and security) is negatively associated with the probability to be a supervisor. Self-Transcendence (the higher order value covering benevolence and universalism) is not a statistically significant determinant of being a supervisor in eight out of nine countries considered. However, in all countries but Poland and Latvia, models with specific measures of basic values (rather than aggregated higher order values measures) reveal strongly significant positive effects of items related to understanding and/or helpfulness – motivations associated with universalism and benevolence, while other effects are in line with those of the higher order values.

This article is involved in the LIFT project financed by EEA and Norway Grants Programme 2014-2021.


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